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By working closely with many of the country's builders and architects, we've established that New Zealand's harsh weather conditions often require a high level of framing protection. So we've developed two rigid air barriers that provide superior weathertightness.

Whether it's the 4.5mm HomeRAB® Pre-Cladding or the 6mm RAB® Board, you'll find these products can be used to achieve structural bracing and allow quick enclosure – adding greater efficiency to the construction process.

A protective barrier

RAB Board protects against the stresses of high winds by equalising the pressure within the cavity. It’s pre-sealed and creates a drainage plane, which enhances the weathertightness of the cladding and building façades.


RAB Board increases the general stiffness of the structure.

Fire rating

For peace of mind, RAB Board can be used in Fire Rated Systems to achieve up to a 60-minute fire rating, without relying on cladding.

Safe and sustainable

RAB Board is made with locally sourced sustainable materials and doesn’t contain any formaldehyde.

Improved weathertightness

HomeRAB Pre-Cladding resists gusting winds and helps pressurise the cavity, which improves the weathertightness of cladding.

Early lock up

Because HomeRAB Pre-Cladding provides temporary weathertightness, your subcontractors can start work on the internal linings before the external cladding is installed, bringing the completion date forward.

Structural integrity

HomeRAB Pre-Cladding contributes to external wall bracing and the structural connectivity of studs to top plates, minimising the need for internal bracing and extra top-plate fixings.


HomeRAB Pre-Cladding Provides a Smarter, Faster Building Solution

Traditionally, building wraps in the cavity have formed the majority of the air seal layer around New Zealand homes.

"HomeRAB Pre-Cladding enables faster completion and early close in, which helps avoid delays and unplanned costs associated with weather constraints."
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