James Hardie products provide medium density solution

Location: Auckland

Featured Products: RAB™ Board, Linea™ Weatherboard, Titan™ Facade Panel

Product Type: Remediation

Architect: Andi Burrell, Principal, ANOROC Remediation

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James Hardie products prove the most cost-effective solution for Parnell townhouse complex

Andi Burrell, remedial specialist from ANOROC Remediation, specified James Hardie Linea Weatherboard and Titan Facade Panel as the main cladding of choice for this project. The products were selected in consultation with the client and following a detailed cost benefit analysis of cladding products to support their Financial Assistance Package (FAP) claim.

Burrell is experienced in commercial and technical due diligence of building materials – he has been doing this work since 1997. He selected Linea Weatherboard and Titan Facade Panel for their construction efficiency and competitive pricing.

Titan Façade  Panel is robust, yet lightweight, making it quick and easy to install. It comes back-sealed for added protection from moisture and pre-primed on the face and edges ready for painting. Burrell says its quick installation made Titan Panel a cost effective alternative to other monolithic cladding, which would have required plastered joints and a full texture coat prior to painting.

The bold panelised look of Titan Panel contrasts beautifully with the classic lines of Linea Weatherboard. Linea Weatherboard was chosen for both its attractive traditional charm and durability. Manufactured from fibre cement, the product is low maintenance and has a 25 year product warranty.

Behind the cladding, Burrell and the client elected to use James Hardie Rigid Air Barrier (RAB®) Board as a rigid wall underlay. RAB Board is a cost-effective, pre-cladding product used in medium to high-rise construction.

“RAB Board offers a number of benefits compared to building paper,” says Burrell. “It can be used to achieve structural bracing and fire rating between dwellings which is often difficult to achieve. When used in high wind zones, it is easier to install, and allows quick enclosure – speeding up the construction process, which was important on this type of project.” 

Fire safety was also a key factor influencing his decision.

Manufactured from fibre cement, James Hardie pre-cladding and cladding products are classified as non-combustible materials. They are also resistant to permanent water and termite damage, and, when installed as directed, are resistant to rotting and warping.

Together, the James Hardie cladding and pre-cladding products achieve a fire rating of 30 and 60 minutes, providing a safer environment for the owners.

Burrell is confident about specifying these James Hardie products for other projects, including a new build in Albany, and would recommend the products to others.

He also backs the James Hardie technical team, who he said provided excellent technical support throughout the project. “The technical team is approachable and passionate about the products. For me it was a no brainer to go with James Hardie – their products have always stood up.”



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