Leading the way with NZ’s original Rigid Air Barrier


For over 78 years, James Hardie has been leading the way with products that define the country’s building landscape. We were the first to design and manufacture Rigid Air Barrier (RAB™) products here, which now set the benchmark for superior pre-cladding.


So, what exactly is James Hardie RAB™?


James Hardie RAB is a solid fibre cement pre-cladding that has several advantages over traditional building underlay. It provides superior weather-tightness, structural bracing, and allows a new build to be closed in sooner. It’s available in two forms, HomeRAB™ Pre-Cladding, for residential builds especially in very high wind zones, and RAB™Board, for commercial builds and those in extra high wind zones.


How does it work?


Our Rigid Air Barriers work by equalising the air pressure inside the outer wall cavity, so the facade can stand up to wind pressures, whereas traditional building underlay can struggle to perform in these conditions.


Why do homeowners choose James Hardie RAB?


Customers who choose James Hardie RAB want a high performance building enclosure that can withstand harsh conditions now, and in years to come:

  • It’s designed for buildings in extra high (EH) wind zones and specific design wind zones
  • It provides superior weather-tightness, repelling moisture from the outside while allowing vapours on the inside to escape
  • The solid fibre cement board properties provide additional structural stiffness


Why do builders and project managers choose it?


James Hardie RAB also allows a new build to be closed in from the elements sooner, allowing work to start on the inside faster. That can save builders and project manager’s valuable time and cost on a job.


Why choose James Hardie RAB over another rigid air barrier?


While there’s now a range of rigid air barrier products on the market, the original James Hardie RAB is the right choice, for several reasons:

  • Weather-tightness: the fibre cement board is resistant to moisture and rot
  • Easier installation: James Hardie RAB is fast and easy to install; you simply score, snap and gun nail
  • Choice: You can choose between 4.5mm HomeRAB Pre-Cladding for residential builds up to and including very high (VH) wind zones and 6mm RAB Board for commercial builds up to and including extra high (EH) wind zones and SED wind zones

HomeRAB Pre-Cladding Provides a Smarter, Faster Building Solution

Traditionally, building wraps in the cavity have formed the majority of the air seal layer around New Zealand homes.

"HomeRAB Pre-Cladding enables faster completion and early close in, which helps avoid delays and unplanned costs associated with weather constraints."
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