Eclipsa Eaves Lining

Eaves & Soffits Lining

Eclipsa Eaves Lining
Eaves & Soffits Lining


Eclipsa Eaves Lining are pre-painted sheets made from 4.5mm thick fibre cement, ideal for eaves, soffits, verandahs, porches, carports and any ceiling area where a pre-finished, easy clean surface is required.

Eaves add to the thermal comfort and durability of homes from the heat of summer to the cool of winter. Eaves extend the roof well over the external wall of your home to form an overhang.

The benefits of incorporating eaves into your design include shading from excessive sun, protecting cladding from sheets of rain, allowing windows to be kept open during showers, and more. Our Eclipsa Eaves lining is specifically designed to line eaves and soffits in residential homes and comes as a pre-painted, smooth, flat sheet.

The speed at which Eclipsa Eaves pre-cut sheets can be joined and installed makes them a cost effective coverage solution.

Features and benefits

  • Resistant to fire and damage from moisture and rotting
  • No painting costs save both time and money
  • A slip sheet minimises surface marks on paint during transportation and installation
  • Easy and fast to install
  • Low maintenance
  • Available in a white acrylic finish
  • Classified as non-combustible material
  • 10 year coating warranty
  • 15 year product warranty

Product profiles

Thickness: 4.5mm
600mm or 1200mm

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