What is James Hardie HomeRAB Pre-Cladding?


HomeRAB Pre-Cladding is a solid fibre cement pre cladding that is mostly used for residential builds, especially in areas that are exposed to very high winds. It has several key advantages over traditional building underlay, including superior weather-tightness, additional structural stiffness and reduced noise in the home.


Benefits for the home owner and specifier:


  • A healthier, drier, home: HomeRAB Pre-Cladding provides superior weather-tightness, because its water-repellant sealant stops moisture getting in, and the boards breathability properties allows moisture vapour to get out
  • A home that stands up to the wind: HomeRAB Pre-Cladding’s rigid air barrier equalises the air pressure inside the outer wall cavity, so the new home can stand up to high winds; it's approved for use as a bracing element in up to and including very high wind zones
  • A stronger home: Because HomeRAB Pre-Cladding is made from solid fibre cement, its strength adds to the home’s structural integrity
  • A quieter home: If the neighbours were throwing a noisy party, what would you prefer to be between you; building paper or solid 4.5mm fibre cement board? HomeRAB Pre-Cladding makes your home quieter by absorbing unwanted noise.
  • A longer lasting home: With its superior weather-tightness and added strength, HomeRAB Pre-Cladding helps homes to stand the test of time.
  • Peace of mind: HomeRAB Pre-Cladding is BRANZ appraised with a 15 year warranty


Benefits for the builder and project manager


  • Close in your site faster: HomeRAB Pre-Cladding is solid and built to repel the weather, so you can close in your building faster and get to work on the inside. This can give you more flexibility with managing your building project, and save you valuable time and cost on the job.
  • 180 day exposure:  Will not warp or shrink when exposed to the weather, can be exposed for up to 180 days during construction.
  • Easy to install: HomeRAB is easy to install. You simply
  1. Score it with a scoring knife
  2. Snap it with your hands
  3. Nail it into place with your nail gun
  4. Have a cuppa!


Recommended tape:


For best results, we recommend using Super-Stick Building Tape® by Marshall Innovations or 3M™All Weather Flashing Tape.


Key product specs:


Thickness: 4.5mm

Length: 2450, 2750 or 3000mm long

Width: 1200 mm

How the technology works
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  • Integral sealer on face and edges repels moisture rapidly and resists moisture penetration

  • Advanced technology allows water vapour to escape

  • Withstands wind pressures up to and including very high wind zones

  • Acts as temporary weather protection during construction process


PVC 4.5mm HomeRAB® Horizontal Flashing 3000mm

CODE: 305798

50mm Inseal 3259 Black
48mm Inseal 3259 Black

(50m Roll)

80mm Inseal 3259 Black
80mm Inseal 3259 Black

(50m Roll)

HardieBlade™ Diamond Tipped Circular Saw Blade 184mm

CODE: 300600
BARCODE: 9314329012080

HardieBlade™ Diamond Tipped Circular Saw Blade 254mm

CODE: 303375
BARCODE: 9314329019638