Fire and Acoustic Flooring

Secura Flooring installed in accordance with the James Hardie Fire & Acoustic floor system specification delivers superior acoustic performance to meet the intertenancy floor requirements.  The systems have been tested independent of floor finishes allowing for greater flexibility in the finish to be achieved*. 


Features and Benefits

 Design flexibility

  • Acoustic performance independent of floor finishes including tiles and hardwood floors
  • Services can be run through floor cavities without compromising the performance

 Future proofing

  • Because you're not relying on acoustic underlay, renovation can be done without affecting the
  • acoustic performance

 Peace of mind

  • Dimensionally stable substrate for solid feel and squeak free floor
  • Resistant to fire, rot and damage from moisture
  • Can be tiled directly without the need for tile underlay


Please refer to the James Hardie Fire and Acoustic Design Guide for full technical information and installation instructions.


The James Hardie Acoustic System can be used in conjunction with timber floor joists and hyJOIST/hySPAN systems to achieve acoustic & insulation performance of STC/IIC 67/57 above the NZBC requirements STC/IIC 55/55.


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When the James Hardie Acoustic System is used in a concrete floor base, superior acoustic and insulation performance can be achieved STC/IIC 70/58 providing a durable, solid floor feel. 


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*The IIC ratings for the intertenancy lightweight and concrete systems shown have been calculated without any floor covering the Secura Interior Flooring. The products specified in these systems must be installed in accordance with their manufacturer’s specifications.

JH Acoustic Cradle
James Hardie® Acoustic Cradle

10 per box
CODE: 305920
BARCODE: 9417910010158

cradle with shim and batten
James Hardie® Flooring Shims

250 per box
CODE: 305925
BARCODE: 9417910010257

Batten Cradle Image
James Hardie® Acoustic Channel

(1800mm length)
Sold separately
CODE: 305922
BARCODE: 9417910010196