Linea Weatherboard standing the test of time

The first project to be clad in Linea Weatherboard

The Boatshed was the first project to be clad in Linea Weatherboard 19 years ago and has retained its good looks, despite being exposed to the harsh coastal climate on Waiheke Island.

Built in 2001, the Boatshed is special for several reasons - it was the first project to be clad in Linea Weatherboard by James Hardie and regularly makes the world’s top ten maritime places to stay. Over the past 19 years, the luxury hotel has developed a reputation as the perfect sand between-your-toes retreat. It has also retained its good looks, despite being exposed to the harsh coastal climate on Waiheke Island.

Sitting above Little Oneroa beach, the north-facing hotel is exposed to the elements, yet it has been largely unaffected by its environment. Proprietor, Jonathan Scott says, “Linea Weatherboard was chosen for both its durability and visual appeal – it allowed us to achieve a traditional weatherboard look without the ongoing maintenance and concern.”

Designed and loved by New Zealanders for our unique environment, the superior durability, low maintenance, and design flexibility of Linea Weatherboard sets it apart from its traditional alternatives. It is resistant to cracking and warping, meaning very little maintenance is required.

Durable solution

Scott vouches for its ‘hardiness’. “With minimal maintenance, we haven’t had to touch the exterior in 16 years and excluding the timber trims, we are only just looking at doing some repainting now”. Even in the damper areas and parts of the building that get very little sun, he says the cladding does not harbor any mould and with seasonal washdowns, has held up well.

Inspired by the early 1900 boat sheds that scatter the country’s shores, Linea Weatherboard was also used extensively on internal walls to help communicate the “grown over time” part of the design brief, as though buildings have been added to overtime, rather than being built all at once. Further, its application on the
outside wall of bathrooms nods to an earlier time when bathrooms were outside.

The central pavilion is also clad in Linea Weatherboard offering a home away- from-home feel and familiar space for guests to meet, as well as providing high impact resistance from luggage in high traffic areas.

The 9mm sheets also provide excellent acoustic performance to combat external noise from the busy local roads and nearby motorway. RAB Board is suitable to withstand high wind pressures and creates a wind barrier which equalises pressure within the cavity to external pressures. Compared to flexible underlays, which can deteriorate from positive/negative pumping actions created by gusting winds within the cavity and on building façade, RAB Board provides greater long-term durability.

Also ideal in this heavy commercial space is Hardie Panel Compressed Sheet, which has been used as a structural floor. It’s a durable, moisture resistant alternative to particleboard, engineered timber, and plywood substrates, and a lightweight alternative to concrete. With sustainability as a core value for both James Hardie and Scentre Group, Hardie fibre cement products were a great fit for the build.

The products are comprised of sustainable, low toxicity, locally sourced products with minimal volatile organic compounds (VOCs), creating a healthier environment for these beautiful living centres that are “designed for life”.

Other hard-wearing Hardie fibre cement products have been used throughout the Boatshed, including smooth Villaboard Lining sheets fixed to interior walls. These sheets are covered with glass-fibre fabric and painted to create the woven fabric appearance of canvas. Hardie Groove Lining gives ceilings and dado-height wall panels the appearance of tongue and groove panelling, as well as a high level of durability.

Specially-cut fibre cement battens were also used to create the strong vertical lines of the central lighthouse structure. The fibre cement sheets have created acoustically separated walls to meet the very rigid guidelines set for reduced noise transmission throughout the buildings. In some places, these dual frame separating walls also gave the necessary fire rated boundary walls.

Linea Weatherboard was launched in 2001 as a premium alternative to the 7.5mm thick Hardie Plank Weatherboards. Linea Weatherboard is a 16mm thick bevel-back weatherboard with tongue and groove edges at the ends for jointing. It comes in two different widths – 150 and 180mm. Whether you’re creating a traditional finish for a brand new beachside home, or adding charm to your street facade, Linea Weatherboard is an easy, durable way to get that weatherboard look.

It’s the perfect solution for renovating old weatherboard homes, keeping the flavour of the original building with all the benefits of a modern finish. Colourful feature walls, cladding for additions and renovations, Linea Weatherboard can work just as well with a modern design or a classically styled home. Talk to us about your next project or visit our website for more inspiration.

Waiheke Island, Auckland. New Zealand
Project Type
New build
Industry Professionals

Designed by David Scott

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