Oblique Weatherboard Feilding Showhome

Dark, vertically installed 300mm profile

“Using Oblique Weatherboard, especially from a builders perspective, is a bit of no-brainer”

Perched gracefully on a picturesque, leafy street in Feilding, where the charming town centre is just a leisurely walk away, you’ll find a remarkable new show home. Tom and Lisa, the proud owners, are the driving forces behind Narley Construction and Narley Homes, enterprises they founded over a decade ago. Their journey has been one of both building and nurturing, as they’ve raised three daughters while concurrently steering two thriving companies. With a team of twelve dedicated staff members under their guidance, Tom and Lisa have become experts at orchestrating efficient operations and running a tight ship in the world of construction and design.

“During a new build project, we like to do everything from scratch. From initial concept, to getting the land prepped, through the design and layout, then the build and final interior touches - we want it right from the very beginning. We’re really passionate about what we do.”

Frequently characterised as one of the most anxiety-inducing undertakings, Tom holds the belief that building a home can, in reality, be an immensely enjoyable experience. It all comes down to having the right builder, a well-crafted plan, and top-notch products.

He emphasizes the significance of staying well-informed about the latest materials and innovations in the construction field. Tom underscores that their choice to incorporate James Hardie products has been pivotal in keeping them at the forefront of industry advancements, ensuring that their projects remain ahead of the curve.

Material selection

“Using Oblique™ Weatherboard, especially from a builder’s perspective, is a bit of a no-brainer. It’s low maintenance and we love the versatility” says Tom. James Hardie products stand out by offering clients the flexibility to select their preferred colour and finish. This adaptability in design ensures that each home becomes distinct and tailored to the
specific preferences of the homeowner – something Lisa is passionate about.

“Durability of these cladding products cannot be overstated. It’s long-lasting, resistant to fire, rot, and moisture damage.” These qualities guarantee the structural integrity of the home for many years to come, ensuring homeowner satisfaction over the long term.

Tom emphasizes the significance of waste reduction in the construction industry, highlighting the suitability of James Hardie products for reuse. In a notable example, leftover material from a previous construction project found purpose in the creation of the front fence, diminishing waste and concurrently enhancing the property’s aesthetics.

The couple wholeheartedly endorse James Hardie’s products in their recommendation, noting that they have incorporated them not only in their own residence but also in a substantial majority of the homes they have erected. This unequivocally reflects their confidence in the quality and performance of these cladding products.

When it comes to aesthetics, Oblique™ Weatherboard is a contemporary classic that offers inspirational installation options. It can be used both horizontally and vertically, plus it’s available in two sizes. “We’d highly recommend James Hardie’s products. We’ve used them on 95% of the homes we build.”

Oblique Weatherboard, Friendly Feilding
Feilding. New Zealand
Project Type
Industry Professionals

Built by Narley Construction


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