Location: Auckland

Featured Products: Linea™ Weatherboard, Stria™ Cladding

Product Type: New build

Architect: Designed by Colette Monteith from Monteith Construction and built by the team at Haven Homes Pukekohe

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Modern Design with Linea Weatherboard and Stria Cladding in Pukekohe

As an experienced hotelier, Les Morgan has a keen eye for detail. So when he and his wife Donna first saw the newly built house that is now their home, it was a case of love at first sight, “we instantly loved the clean straight lines, dark colours and modern design”.

 “We loved the clean lines of the James Hardie Linea Weatherboard and Stria cladding. They sat together perfectly. The dark colour was bold and contemporary, and offset the green grass and landscaping beautifully. Then when we saw it lit up at night, it looked as welcoming and stylish as a luxury hotel.”

 But it was more than just the aesthetic appeal of the new house that attracted the couple. Their home at the time also used James Hardie cladding, so they were already sold on the practical benefits.


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 “It’s very low maintenance which really suited our lifestyle. I didn't want to spend precious family time working on the house. All I needed to do is wash it down occasionally to keep it looking pristine.” 

 Having been in their beautiful new home for over a year, Les has seen how it stands up to extremes of the local climate - something he sees as another advantage of using James Hardie cladding.

 “It’s like you’re living in a cocoon. There’s a constant temperature inside and you don’t feel any wind at all.”

 Nothing gives Les and Donna greater pleasure than hosting friends at home during the weekend.

 “We love to entertain - and the L shaped design of the house with the open fire makes it ideal. I get a real sense of satisfaction from the presentation; having the lawns, garden and home all looking perfect; it matters as much as the presentation of the meal.”

 With a home they loved so much, you could be forgiven for thinking that they’re going to live there forever. But Les and Donna have more exciting plans.


“We’re going to do it all again. We’re looking for a section to build on, and we’re specifying to our architect that we use James Hardie cladding. Why would we ever build with anything else?”

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