St Kilda Subdivision

Location: Waikato

Featured Products: Secura™ Interior Flooring, Linea™ Weatherboard, Stria™ Cladding

Product Type: Showhome

Architectural Designer: Aaron Guerin, Director — LAD Architecture

Project Management: Synergy Designer Homes

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St. Kilda Wetlands Show Home Utilises James Hardie Products

Synergy Designer Homes — a joint venture between LAD Architecture and St Kilda subdivision. Building its first show home at the St Kilda Wetlands subdivision in Cambridge.

The project management company provides architecturally designed, turn-key home solutions. The show home features James Hardie Linea Weatherboard and Stria Cladding on the exterior, with Secura Interior Flooring on the upper floor.

The materials were selected for their superior quality, with the cladding providing an 'up market and high end' feel.

"We didn't want to compromise on the claddings and fixtures," says Aaron Guerin, director of LAD Architecture.

"The Linea Weatherboard and Stria Cladding are showcase products and possess unique features that complement the cedar panelling also used on the home’s exterior." James Hardie claddings are lightweight cement composite sheets, which Guerin says makes them easy to work with. "The builders can lift and fix the sheets quickly and easily, providing significant benefits labour-wise," explains Guerin.

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The structural flooring for the upstairs master bedroom also provided building efficiencies. "Secura Interior Flooring is an all in one product — it can be tiled directly without the need for underlay," says Guerin.

Additionally, the moisture-resistant sealer on all sides removes the need for full floor waterproofing outside enclosed wet areas and is an easy way to protect against the possibility of moisture.

"The water resistant sealer element has provided us with security during the build, as the floor is protected against the elements, and provides long-term benefits in terms of its durability," says Guerin.

Its durable construction gives a squeak-free, solid feel under carpet, tiles or vinyl. The acoustic properties of the flooring, coupled with its stability and rigidity, are ideal for this high spec home.

"We pride ourselves on design, detail, and finish — and James Hardie's products fit the brief well," says Guerin.

03052017 LWB



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